Hair Treatment and Online Casino Gaming – How to Do Both at Home

Getting hair treatments like keratin can be a little boring while you wait for it to take effect when done by yourself at home. But your wait doesn’t have to be boring anymore. You can play online casino games and enjoy your time while making yourself look your best and win some money at the […]

The Glam Squad –Professional Beauty Services at Home

With the advancements in technology and creativity, there are more and more new inventions every day. Today, there are apps for everything from ordering food from home to apps used for buying clothes, going on romantic dates, and even booking hairdressing services. Yes, hairdressing services. The Glam Squad is an app that is here to […]

5 Best Hair Treatment Ideas to Amp Up your Beauty

Without a doubt, this quarantine is the perfect time to rest our hair from daily stress, pollution, and all the chemicals we use daily. Since all beauty salons are closed, it’s your turn to take advantage of homemade recipes. Below you can read some of the best recommendations for homemade recipes that will leave your […]

Should our Hair and Skin Rest from Chemicals? – My Honest Opinion

Our skin and hair always need a break from washing and all the products we use to make it grow faster and stronger. No matter how much we use the best products, there comes a time when they stop working. This is why we must give our skin and hair a rest from time to […]