about studioonetofino - AboutSince our founder Leticia E. Horn was a child, she lived surrounded by beauty, as her family owned one of the most renowned hairdressing salons in the Quebec area. Every weekend, she would spend her days at the salon and watch her aunts and mom serve the public.

She liked to watch them colouring hair, make women look beautiful with intricate hairstyles, and loved the artistic, creative approach nail art has.

As she grew, she became more interested in the family business. Her mother taught her how to run the hair salon while her aunts taught her the wonderful art of hairdressing and makeup.

She learned how to make women look beautiful through the power of makeup. A technique that undoubtedly made her feel empowered and led her to continue improving the family business.

Her hair salon became one of the most popular in the city, but her dream of making women feel beautiful did not stop there. She decided that she wanted to share with all the women in her country and around the world.

After thinking about how she could achieve this, a friend recommended her to launch her online magazine. Leticia thought it was an incredible idea andstarted Studio One Tofino.

Studio One Tofino is an online magazine made with love bywomen for women. We are the best place to find the best secrets, recommendations, and the latest hair and makeup trends everyone is talking about right now.