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Beauty Resources - Beauty Resources

Below you can read some resources that will help you complement the information we provide in our magazine.


Glossy is a beauty magazine that shares the latest trends every day. It also has a variety of podcasts where its journalists will keep you informed with the newest makeup tricks and the most used brands by celebrities.

The Business of Fashion

This magazine brings you the best tips for running your beauty business and making it happen. It also features articles on the day’s highlights.


Vogue is a classic resource that could not be missed. Like its printed edition, this digital magazine contains the highlights of the fashion, makeup, and beauty industry, and the strengths of being a woman.


Allure is a magazine that brings interesting articles about how we can take care of our skin from sun exposure, tiredness, and all the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Cosmetic Design

Cosmetic Design is a magazine that shares articles about how make-up is made and all the chemicals that it contains. It also brings recommendations for the best skincare treatment depending on your particular needs.

Hype Hair

Hype Hair is a hair beauty-oriented magazine. Here you can read the best hair care tips, the best product reviews to use right now, and the latest in hair styling.

Black Beauty and Hair Magazine

This magazine brings you step by step guides to recreate the looks of your favourite celebrities. It also gives you information on the best products for your hair.

Canadian Hairdresser Magazine

One of the most trusted magazines in Canada. Here you can read the tricks you need to know to keep your hair more beautiful than ever.

Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide

This magazine has been around for over 39 years. Its articles are full of information about how to care for your hair regardless of its texture or colour and all you need to keep it beautiful.