The Glam Squad –Professional Beauty Services at Home

With the advancements in technology and creativity, there are more and more new inventions every day. Today, there are apps for everything from ordering food from home to apps used for buying clothes, going on romantic dates, and even booking hairdressing services. Yes, hairdressing services.

The Glam Squad is an app that is here to stay. It is a professional hairdressing service with the best delivery style. Through the app, you can choose the services you will need, such as haircuts, dye, manicure, and pedicure, among others. Then they take the hairdresser to the comfort of your home, hotel, or any location you are in.

At the moment, this app only works in cities like Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Boston, South Florida, Orange County, SF & Bay Area, and even Hoboken. You can take a personalized online consultation about the haircut you want, your favourite blow-dry style or any manicure or pedicure style you want.

This app also offers any kind of make-up by professional make-up artists depending on the occasion you need. Whether it is a wedding or a graduation, it includes all the options. Most importantly, they are certified in COVID-19 and safety protocols.

An App for Everyone

The Glam Squad Professional Beauty Services at Home phone app - The Glam Squad –Professional Beauty Services at Home

Everyone is using this app, which won a prize for the best beauty app in 2017. From your neighbour to the biggest stars in Hollywood. It has been reviewed in some of the biggest fashion and beauty magazines in the world.

Moreover, its popularity increasesevery day. Therefore, it’s not surprising that its services will soon expand its borders.


The Glam Squad Professional Beauty Services at Home hair home service - The Glam Squad –Professional Beauty Services at Home

Booking an appointment is easy. Simply download the app, register, and ask for a consultation on what you need with their beauty experts. Their working hours are from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm every day.

Before each service, depending on the case, you should have your hair clean, wet and your face washed and moisturized.

For the times we are currently living, there is no doubt that this is the best option. If you live in some of these cities, you are fortunate to have a personalized hairdressing service by professionals who come to your home.

It’s time to take advantage and make technology your best ally to get beautiful, change your look or do your nails thanks to The Glam Squad.



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